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RE: Oh men and women

That didn’t quite make sense…what I meant was…Make sure I really know what he’s looking for if I think I want to hear from him again. Otherwise, have fun. BTW Sally, the reason I blocked him wasn’t so much so he couldn’t contact me it was so I would stop looking to see what he was up to and wondering why he was ignoring me…either way it’s a good tactic.


oh man Jeff– you were so on the money!!! its been about a month since i sent you my question and i just thought I would fill you in on what’s happened since. The guy was gone for about a week for christmas, but called me several times while he was away, and made plans with me for when he got back. We hung out twice after new years and at the end the second night I kissed him and he pushed me back a bit and said “I’m sorry”… I asked him what he was sorry for, and he gave me a whole speech about how he liked me, but he just wasnt feeling the chemistry the way he had with his ex-girlfriend and that he wanted to find that chemistry and clicking with somebody again. He even started listing all the things he liked about me and saying that it was completely illogical for him to not want to be with me and that he just didnt know why he wasnt feeling