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RE: Hi my love

Hi Heather:

As usual Jeff hit the nail on the head. Heather doesn’t have a next move – but IMHO the confused boyfriend does.

My advice is just sit back and observe what he does next. You’ve told him clearly that you are ready for something real which is great. My motto is never settle for less than you deserve.

Good luck with this Heather.



Yeah, I think that Heather should stick to her words. He can go on as long as he wants about him being confused, about him being liking her, about him not being ready to a relationship. Never mind, that’s the problem: he’s not ready for a relationship, and that’s why it can’t be until he is. If I was Heather I would stick to that. The next move is his problem, as Ingrid points out. Otherwise, he’s got a way to get out from Heather whatever he wants without ever have to be accountable for it, as Jeff points out.

This looks to me a person in much turmoil and confusion, which is perhaps understandable. Heather might want to stay friends with him, and that might be very appreciated, but there should be no misunderstanding about that.

Best Heather.